COVID-19 (coronavirus) update

Cranborne Estate

COVID-19 update – July

The health and well-being of our community: residents, neighbours, businesses and visitors is our overriding priority.  We are taking heed of national advice and have adjusted our working practices in order to maintain business continuity.

Please note:

Our Estate Office remains open and staffed, with some colleagues working from home or remotely.

The Manor Garden reopened to visitors on Wednesdays from the 8th July.

Our response and maintenance staff/partners are all working and available through the regular channels.

Please be aware that we might need to ask questions about isolation and wellbeing before attending to properties.

We continue to support the parish with safe and wellbeing assistance. Please continue check on your neighbours to make sure they are alright.

With a constantly changing situation, we aim to update this page regularly.

A community page, with updates regularly posted can also be found here.


24 May 2021 - Have you spotted the new signs?

The new Martin Down Farmer Supercluster signs are now in place and as you can see from the photo they are looking fantastic. These will help provide a friendly reminder for walkers to stick to the paths. #MDsupercluster #grasstobeef365 #protectthewildlife

Cranborne Estate

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